Zittau Mountains          

A few minutes drive from Seifhennersdorf is the Zittau mountains. Its highest peak is the "Lausche" to 793 m. The diverse landscape holiday has in store for everyone. Whether hiking, climbing, swimming, surfing, diving, horse riding or just relaxing - no matter what you feel like, here you will get their costs.

Here are a few examples of the Zittau Mountains Attractions:

Oybin (ca. 20km) Jonsdorf (ca. 19km) Lückendorf (ca. 24km)
  • Burg und Klosteranlage
  • Töpferberg mit Baude
  • Burgtheater
  • Schmetterlingshaus
  • Waldbühne
  • Nonnenfelsen
  • Barockkirche von 1691
  • Lückendorfer Bergrennen
  • Ruine der Raubritterburg

  • Waltersdorf (ca. 13km) Grossschönau (ca. 9km) Olbersdorf (ca. 18km)
  • Wintersportgebiet
  • Quirlehäusel
  • Kletterpark
  • Hutberg
  • Olbersdorfer See
  • Grubenbahnausstellung

  • For planning your activities are countless brochures available in the apartment for you! Of course, we will advise you and help you.